Garage is done!

I haven’t gotten a picture yet though.  Whenever I remeber to take a picture it is already dark outside.  We now just need to get all of the stuff that was previously in the garage out of the basement and out of the storage sheds. 
I finished my January Vintage Sock Knitalong Challenge of finishing the Fancy Silk Sock below.
Pattern: Fancy Silk Sock from Vintage Knits
Needle Size: 0
Yarn: Blue Moon Sock Candy Cotton in Huricane
I also finished an ear flap hat for myself.
Pattern: None, I made it up
Needle Size: 7
Yarn: Fleece Artist Amelia Helmet with Kid Aran 50% kid Mohair & 50% Wool
I am finished with the front and back parts of my Cecily of York pattern which is the name, now working on the few rows that shape the neck.
We went and test drove an Audi A3 and a Prius to try to narrow in on what we are going to get when we turn in our Beetle.  The Prius was very nice and very roomy.  It was perfect except it just had no pick-up.  The Audi actually had too much pick-up it was surprising.  So we will have to see. 

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