Baby Monkey

This weekend was filled with furniture shopping, the Zoo and work.  We went in search of a dining room set.  I think I found one but felt kinda pressured to buy it.  So my sister has bought from Furnitureland South in the past for a really good price.  So I called them up and they sell the same set for less everyday, not just for Memorial day.  So the pressure was off. 
We went to the Bronx Zoo which wasn’t too far from our house as I thought it would be.  Parking was taken so we had to find parking on the street but we made it there and walked FOREVER to find the baby monkeys.  They were awesome.  There was 2 of them. 
I only have the collar left to go for Cresida.  I hope to finish it tonight. 

2 responses to “Baby Monkey

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  2. Are you sure that’s a monkey? It looks like a baby gorilla to me. Monkeys have tails.

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