Our House is Killing Us

This weekend my dad came down and brought us tools because all of our tools are in storage.  It was nice to have him hanging with us working on the house.  We got the dining room and 2 bedrooms painted the main color.  We tried really hard to remove the wallpaper in one of the bedrooms with little luck.  Today we left a humidifier in there so hopefully that will help.  We also got spackle everywhere and a big crack taken care of.  A LOT more to do.  Next weekend we have the phone weekend though. 
We finished up Sat afternoon to get ready for the big surprise I had planned for Nithin of a limo ride to the city, helicopter ride around the city and Patsey’s for dinner when we get a call from my dad, he has gotten into a car accident.  He got lost in Glen Cove because every street has the word Glen in it: Glen Cove Road, Glen Cove Avenue, Glen Wood Road, …  How confusing is that.  Well he made it home thank gosh and no one was hurt.  Then I get a call that the heliport is closed.  So Nithin can’t use his new camera that I gave him for his birthday on the helicopter ride.  So I rescheduled the helicopter ride for April when our lives calm down a little because we will be in our new house. 
Next couple weeks will be super busy with getting the house ready to move in at the end of the month.  We are really excited once the hard work is done.  I am so soar from crouching and being in weird positions from painting. 

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